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How To Make Miso Soup

Sep. 7, 2016
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How To Make Miso Soup

Often times when I get home from a long day of work too tired to make dinner or come back from a night out craving something warm to soothe my stomach, I'll whip up this super simple miso soup that's usually served on the side at Japanese restaurants. No cooking is involved and you can get any of these ingredients at your local health food store or asian market. Enjoy!

*Chef's Kiss*


16oz of hot water
1tbsp of miso paste (any type will work, I used white in this video)
1oz of soft tofu, cubed
A few sheets of roasted seaweed
1 stalk of scallion or green onion


1. Boil hot water
2. Mix miso paste with a little bit of the hot water to dissolve
3. Add remaining hot water
4. Add cubed tofu
5. Cut seaweed into slivers and add into soup
6. Cut and add scallion
7. Enjoy!