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We introduce visionary young talent to the world

Adolescent is a world-wide media enterprise focused on the creation of ad and entertainment content created by youth for youth. Adolescent functions as a creative advertising agency, production company, media strategists and appealing platform. We focus on two groups: teens age twelve to nineteen and young millenials in their twenties.

Adolescent Content is dedicated to the representation of teen directors and influencers around the world for work conceiving and directing commercials, branded content, web series and films. Our collective approach mentors new talent and incubates youth oriented concepting for brands.

Our Creators, located in twelve different countries, are visionaries with backgrounds in filmmaking, photography, art and social media.

Our Story

Ramaa began directing when she was 16 years old and has experience being both a teen director and a mentor of filmmakers. Ramaa has directed hundreds of commercials, many of which were produced by Hope. In 2014, Ramaa partnered with her commercial producer Hope Dotson to start a company which is best described as a production company collective for young directors, ages 11-27 years old. Working with top ad agencies and brands and connecting them with exceptionally talented young directors.

Adolescent harnesses the tremendous talent of young directors. Their work focuses on youth culture from the inside out for broadcast commercials, music videos, web series, documentaries and films. We work with ad agencies and brands who are targeting a younger demographic. Adolescent directors develop their own ideas, write their scripts and direct their web series, feature films, commercials and documentaries. The content they make is the work that generation Z wants to see.


Ramaa Mosley is the Creative Director of Adolescent; she is a filmmaker and activist who directed her first documentary at the age of 16 years old, which won the UNEP Global 500 award. Over the past seventeen years, Mosley has directed feature films and hundres of award winning commercials. She was named one of Shoot Magazine's top 10 Female directors. She is also the founder of Adolescent and recently gave a Ted Talk about being a teen director called "The Power of Adolescent Directors."

While still in high school, Mosley began directing professionally; she has been mentoring young directors ever since. Mosley was inspired to found Adolescent when she saw the power of the unique and visionary work that her 11 and 13 year old "mentees" were creating. Starting Adolescent allowed Mosley to connect talented young directors with brands looking to speak to a young audience.

As CEO of Adolescent, Ramma mentors all of the directors, develops the scripts, curates the roster/channel, working with each individual to develop and hone their point of view and skill. Ramaa is on conference calls and meetings with all brands, agency creatives, and on set on every project to guarantee each project's success.

Hope Farley is Adolescent's Executive Producer. For over twelve years, Farley has been an Executive Producer and Producter at the major production companies in the industry, as well as an Agency Producer at three of the largest advertising agencies in the US.

Farley has produced hundres of commercials and web content for the top production companies, agencies and directors in the business; she comes with an extensive background in both production and brand partnerships and sales. Farley handles new business, logistics and production.