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The Evolution of Punk Music 90's and 00's Edition

Mar. 30, 2017
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The Evolution of Punk Music 90's and 00's Edition

Maris Jones is back with a new installment of the series Evolution of Punk, and this time, the oh-so-nostalgic 90s and 00s are featured. The video kicks off with a throwback "advertisement" for a terrible, sugary, squeeze-it drink (the type you'd throw in the cart when mom wasn't looking just to have her remove it the moment you get to the checkout counter). 

Heading right into the music, Sonic Youth, No Doubt, The Misfits, Blink182, and The Offspring are featured amongst the beloved bands of the 90s. The 00s half of the video features our most favorite mo bands, such as Simple Plan and Taking Back Sunday. 

Smack in the middle of the two segments is a faux MTV-esque commercial that'll take you back to the days of Singled Out and Daria. 

The costumes and reenactments are enough to bring you back to your first trip to Hot Topic, while the music conjures up feels you probably haven't felt since you first ripped open the plastic wrap on a brand new CD you waited in line for hours to buy while your dad waited in the food court. 

Check it out!