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Trans singer-songwriter makes red carpet debut

May. 11, 2018
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Singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger made her first red carpet appearance since coming out as transgender.

Geiger stepped out onto the BMI Pop Awards carpet on Tuesday, where she was being honored for her work with singer Shawn Mendes. Mendes, who burst onto the scene with the Geiger co-written “Stitches,” absolutely raves about her. 

“The fact that she was able to take everything I was saying and just digest it all and make it all me,” Mendes told Billboard, “is genius.” Mendes is not the only artist who loves Geiger. After making waves with her solo success “For You I Will (Confidence),” Geiger has accumulated an impressive list of writing credits. She wrote a song for summer blockbuster Fifty Shades Darker as well as artists like Maroon 5, Birdy, One Direction, Icona Pop, and Christina Aguilera. 

Although it was her first public appearance, Geiger has been keeping her fans updated on her transition on her social media, where she came out in October. When a fan asked why Geiger’s appearance had been changing, she responded with a simple clarification. “Love it or hate it,” Geiger told the fan, “this is who I have been for a looooong time.” She then took to Twitter to tell everyone that she is using she/her pronouns and that everyone can still call her “Teddy.” 

Both backlash and support have been flooding in since headlines announced Geiger’s return. Many see Geiger’s transition as “following a trend” or “promoting something incorrect to children.” Simultaneously, many have endorsed Geiger through their social media accounts. 

“Wow I am so happy for @Teddygeiger!” said Twitter user @ambitiousthirst. “For You I Will (Confidence) was a BANGER!! What a beautiful woman.”