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The perks of having small boobs

Mar. 21, 2018
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I’ve been the same bra size since middle school. For years, I was incredibly insecure about my body type and bra size. However, I’ve learned to be more comfortable in my skin and love my small boobs. Here are some reasons why you should also love your A-cup:

Bras? Who needs them! Seriously, I haven’t worn a bra in two weeks. Small crop tops and oversized t-shirts work perfectly with your small boobs—not to mention that you never have to worry about squeezing a bra underneath a tight tank-top or dress. 

Your bank account is overflowing. My friends sending pictures of the cute bras they just bought used to make me incredibly jealous and upset. I could never fit into the cute bras on sale! However, after a few sad trips to the mall, I realized how much money I would be saving by not needing to purchase tons of new bras. I can practically hear my bank account thanking my tiny boobs.

Exercise is easier. Going for a run? Just throw on a sports bra and start jogging! Your small boobs will hardly ever give you pain or trouble while exercising.

Bralettes were practically made for you. Whenever I spot a bralette in a store that I love, I can almost guarantee that it will fit me. You can even wear bralettes as super cute tops! As long as you keep your bralette straps tightened, you should have no problems rocking one. 

They’re really sensitive. According to many studies, small boobs tend to be more sensitive than big boobs. Whenever you’re ready to get hot and heavy with your significant other, you can be confident that your small boobs will help you feel great! 

They occasionally get bigger. Moody, craving chocolate, and wishing you had somebody to cuddle with? I feel the same way on my period. However, one thing I can always look forward to is my boobs doubling in size during the week of my period! I can rock bigger boobs for just enough time to show off my one or two cute bras without having to worry about back pain.

Although I’m confident and proud of my small boobs, I do want to recognize that boobs of all sizes deserve positive recognition! All of our bodies have their specific pros and cons, but to all those out there feeling insecure about their small bra size: know that your body is absolutely perfect. 

Illustration by @drakecereal