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Summer skincare round-up

Jul. 27, 2018
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By Rosie Jane Cheek and Lip Balm

I vividly remember the four trips I made to the mailbox—all within a two-hour span—several years ago before the mailperson finally delivered my OG By Rosie Jane Lip and Cheek Glosses. Thankfully, Rosie’s relaunched something similar with her tinted Cheek and Lip Balms that offer the same easy flush and dew.

MAKE Moon Sticks

Kudos to the creative team at MAKE, as it took me a solid five minutes to get over the name “Moon Sticks” before I could actually start this review. As someone who is very picky about their highlighter without actually knowing squat, these shimmering sticks have earned my seal of approval. Specifically, the humbly golden “Moon Dust.” Though, I can appreciate “Moon Beam”’s celestial intensity. 

ColourPop No Filter Foundation

Foundation—more specifically, foundation that makes me look “too much”—is definitely one of my top ten fears. Even after applying the complete wrong shade (there are 42 options, okay?), I can safely say that Colourpop’s latest viral creation has me doing a 180. Truly full coverage and perfectly matte, this formula has somehow eliminated shine, creasing, and any possibility of me looking like my first foray into face makeup, circa eighth grade. 

Dior Summer 2018 Nail Lacquer

Dior’s Summer 2018 nail colors were made for DGAF’ers—in the best way possible. With names such as “Wizz” (watermelon pink with gold shimmer) and “Blop” (trying-to-be-upbeat moody blue), the brand’s summer launch is all about wearing what you want, be it a somewhat hot pink (my eight-year-old self is proud) or the summer-goth navy that speaks for itself. 

Chantecaille Cheek Gelee

I wholeheartedly want a shirt that says “Ask me about my cheek gel!” I’ve been pro-cream blush since my blushing days began, so it’s only natural that Chantecaille’s dreamy gel cheek tint has become my new favorite thing. Nothing blends easier (or more naturally).

Le Mini Macaron Kitticorn Magic Powder

I, for one, spend many bored summer hours painting my nails. Taking this time-tested activity to the next level is Le Mini Macaron’s Kitticorn Magic Powder. Fair warning: this stuff is hypnotizing. Layer over your gel manicure to make mirrors out of your fingernails.

Marc Jacobs Enamored Gloss Stick

Me: washes face without taking off Marc Jacobs Enamored Gloss Stick in “One Mauve Time” because it’s that pretty. Is it a gloss? Is it a shiny lipstick? However you prefer to categorize this beauty-product mutt, the formula is indisputably smooth with beautiful medium coverage. If you’re an opponent of the gloss revival, look here for your conversion product. 

Too Cool For School Coconut Oil Serum Eye Patch

These. Are. Fun.

I’m a strong believer in the concept of sheet masks more so than the sopping pieces of paper themselves. However, these gel patches made the 30-minute wait a breeze for a skeptic like me, who wasn’t mad at the fact that she didn’t have to readjust them every two minutes.