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Sense of love

Aug. 14, 2017
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Sense of love

What is love? That's a pretty ambitious question, and one we've been asking for a while, like, as a species. But forget the idea of love—what about love as a physical object? What does it sound like, taste like, smell like? In this video, Adolescent favorites Chella Man and MaryV set out to explore the answer to that question with a video wherein Chella's girlfriend MaryV describes their relationship through a series of sensory cues, from sight to sound to touch.

For MaryV, love is Chella's laugh, as long as it doesn't sound too similar to Chella's mom's laugh, because then MaryV thinks of Chella's mom: "that lady's great, but I don't wanna think about her all the time. I wanna hear yours, because it's you." For her, love is when she runs her fingers over Chella's tattoos. Love is the sight of Chella's eyes, and the reassuring looks Chella gives her when she's creating something. "That's the person I'm in love with," she says.

Most of all, though, MaryV's definition of love means believing in Chella. It means counting down the days until she can walk into a gallery and see Chella's work lining the walls. And the best part is that it isn't one-sided: "What makes it love is that you believe in me that kind of way too."

If you've ever wondered what love is, watch the video above. Chella and MaryV just might have the answer.