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Rihanna's Fenty Beauty is so much more than a makeup line

Oct. 4, 2017
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Growing up, I was never the girl who knew how to wear makeup. But I always made sure to put on a few strokes of mascara and lip gloss purchased out of a squeezable tube at my local beauty supply store. Ta-da: my makeup products. This summer, however, was the first time that I ventured beyond my elementary makeup routine. In an outward display of homage to my maker, I began to explore the few colors and scents that were available for women with my complexion. For when one grows up in America, beauty products for African-American women are hard to come by in stores. I was constantly at odds with the selection of products available to me in American markets and the pull I felt towards my newfound sense of Afrocentric style.   

To be honest, I relied on my sister a lot for products and hidden tips. (Who else would think to use the eyeshadow powder for eyebrows, among other little deets?) I also became obsessed with this gold highlight I swore I needed for both my day and night look. But let’s face it: whether you’re a beginner or an expert, finding those perfect matches can be a drag. How much time and how many returned items do we have to endure until we find our natural shade? And don’t forget the colored girls whose range of hues tends to be a bit more complex: some of us must mix multiple foundations and brands together every day to get the perfect shade, and with time being of the essence, the energy we set aside for makeup eventually winds up being allocated to other areas of our day. 

via: Instagram | Fenty Beauty

So when princess Rihanna blessed the aisles with her presence by introducing Fenty Beauty, a soft matte longwear foundation she spent several years working on, we had to check it out—not only because she is one of the most influential women in power today, but because summer is giving way to fall, and that’s when a lot of us beauty queens tend to crave makeovers and follow up on incoming trends. Making our way through a department store or convenience store is a different experience than girls of lighter shades have to endure. When we advance toward the aisles for foundations and powders, either the brand has only a few shades for women of color or a lot of the product is missing because it is in such high demand. So we’re left settling, stocking up, or spending even more time trying to buy online from a less familiar company. But don’t get me wrong: high end brands do make the effort, and even Covergirl has been attempting to expand their reach with their Queen Collection. So what makes Rihanna stand out on the scene? Well, for one, Rihanna’s line dedicates nearly half of her foundation to women of color—something that definitely gives her makeup line a leading edge over most. Furthermore, most of those shades for darker girls are already sold out! Is that because Rihanna has more options, or are people are simply flocking to her brand due to popularity (as seen with her shoe line)? Perhaps that’s a question we don’t have to answer. Perhaps the biggest breakthrough is that Fenty is here, people desire it, and it works! 

So let’s say you’re in. How does one apply Rihanna’s brand to get that complete and glowing finish? Don’t worry: in a promotional video, Rihanna outlines the process in three simple steps that even I can follow:

  1. Foundation. The first layer is the primer, which is followed by a matte foundation of your choice. Women are given up to 22 different shades to choose from, so let’s get that melanin poppin’, shall we? The foundation is applied as a cream and finishes as a powder, for those who were curious. It’s also good to note that the foundation could cost you around $34 USD. That’s a little high on my end, but you know, to each their own. 
  2. Highlights.  Furthermore, Riri also graced us with magnetic shimmer skin sticks as well. These sticks can function as a three in one--eyeshadow, lip color, and blush--eliminating the need for unnecessary products scrambled at the bottom of your purse or worse, huge, bulging make up bags.  Built with the same shape as the matte foundation, these magnetics make storage in a small purse super feasible.  Another point for the designer! Her highlights also have a high, rich pigmentation to them as well, which is a proud feature for Riri. 
  3. Blotting Powder.  Last but not least, comes the blotting power to give your face that finishing touch. This was extremely important to RiRi, because a lot of lines get this mixed up, while she devoted extra time to ensure that she got that perfect finish for all her users. 

So what are others saying? Granted, this is a fairly new line, so there may not be a lot to conclude as of yet. That being said, there were quite a few users on influenstar who had really great things to say about Riri’s new line, giving the product 4.62 reviews out of 5, with over 200 views! 

via: Instagram | Fenty Beauty

And in case you want to find a video that represents a shade you’d like to try, don’t worry, HyperBae took on the priviledge of combing through 50 related videos to gain some fundamentals about the new, emerging line.  What did they discover about the product? A Lot of individuals raved about the foundation and the ramp-up game as seen in the match stix. Individuals also found that highlighters are fun—and the brushes are a nice starter for those like me who are new to the game! Perhaps this would be the time to grab some popcorn or something, snuggle in a nice little section of the house, and indulge on Youtube makeup videos until you get inspired for an upcoming style you may want to to try.

(As if this brand could get any better, there’s one more fact about Fenty Beauty you’ll be psyched to hear about: some of the products are vegan and cruelty free, which is also good for not contributing to the recycled waste in our environment.)

There are times where stars are criticized for putting products out as a way of simply expanding their brand for capital. For Rihanna, however, Fenty is more than just a makeup line. Just look at the shimmer in her eye as she carefully explains each detail of each product, showcasing her high involvement in her line. No—for Rihanna, this line is a solution to everyday problems faced by women of color. Her products allow them the option of feeling fabulous and savoring what they purchase, while looking great doing so. Riri’s daytime look in her own brand completely blows you away without the extra hassle of carrying around a million products. And though the branding may be simple, the products themselves are convenient—so you can tuck your foundation and mat stixx in the back of your jeans pocket, a small purse, or even a diaper bag in case you’re out and about and may need a little touch up. Now, that’s what I call glamour.