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Queer/Trans/Nonbinary: Josie

Jul. 10, 2017
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Queer/Trans/Nonbinary: Josie

What does it mean to identify across categories? How do you define yourself when none of the definitions are adequate? And how does art help you traverse those gaps? Meet Josie, a queer artist whose life is at turns a gleeful interrogation and a defiant refutation of that very question.

"I see myself as a living piece of art," says Josie, moments before launching into a story about the significance of the color purple as a pathway to the exploration of identity. Josie also talks about the power of camming and other modes of sensual self-expression as outlets for self-discovery and empowerment. "Ever since I was a kid... I've been able to appreciate things that include sex and sexuality or is seductive and sensual, you know?" says Josie. "I've always appreciated it. I've never shamed it, like most people would."

Some of you might remember our very own Abbey Sacks from her series of music video stills depicting the diversity of female identity. Maybe that familiarity with filmed experiences of gender is what makes her video portrait of Josie feel so lived-in: from the soft pastel colors to the music chiming gently in the background, every aspect of her take on Josie's story feels personal and intimate. But don't take our word for it: check out the video above and see for yourself!