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Female Identities by Abbey Sacks

Jun. 1, 2017
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Below are stills from a music video I created to celebrate female identities. Over the course of 4 months, I collected video portraits of 18 different women in the ways that made them feel most comfortable. I wanted to give each woman the space to be authentic and vulnerable in front of the camera. It was such a meaningful experience for me to get a glimpse into so many different women’s lives. Finding out the things that were most meaningful to them and sharing conversations about what it means to be a woman.   

Above: Ambar Navarro (Insta: @ambarbecutie)

I met Ambar at her gallery show and I loved her work so much that I reached out to her on instagram to feature her in my project. Ambar looked so cozy in her hoodie during this shoot - I thought that the lighting matched so well with the color of it and gave it kind of an iridescent glow. I loved the thoughtful and introspective moments I captured of her. 

Above: Annie Tran (@anniextran)

Annie’s shoot became much more of a conversation. She opened up to me about her family, her religious background and her love for photography. I could see her eyes light up when she talked about certain topics and those were the moments where I tried to capture the picture. 

Above: Isabel Higgins (Insta: @izziehiggins)

Isabel played 80's music the entire shoot and danced for the camera--She had the MOVES. She also experimented with different fabrics, props and gave input on lighting setups. Isabel is an animator who I used to go to school with. It's fun to feature someone who is also an artist because it becomes more of a collaboration rather than a photographer-model relationship. 

Above: Julie Kleinerman (Insta: jujjee.kleinerwoman)

Julie is one of my closest friends, and I think that is so clear while looking through the footage because of her level of comfort. So much of the footage is her is her cracking up at something we were talking about while I was filming. The shoot felt more like us just hanging out rather than us being on set for something. 

Above: Gabrielle Gorman (Insta @darkchocolatethunderr)

Gabrielle was so much fun - She brought in so many meaningful items to share for the camera. She read some journal entries from a middle school diary, poems from her present day notebook and shared vulnerable stories for the camera. She also talked a lot about topics of visibility and representation, never seeing herself reflected in the media growing up and how that impacted her. 

Above: Karenna Lief (Insta @buttfuck2.0)

Karenna is one of my best friends and this shoot happened while she stayed with me in LA for a week. It happened very spontaneously one morning when we woke up. I felt in a creative mood and asked her if I could film her getting ready for the day. I didn’t even know at the time that I would be including this footage in the final video, but I fell in love with the raw and genuine feeling of her presence in the footage. 

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