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Flores politicos

Jun. 29, 2018
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Flores Politicos brings social problems and gender studies into photography to talk about the politics of both gender roles social norms. The series also expresses love for those who feel that they don’t fit society's stereotypical European beauty standards. Growing up, we are pressured to play with toys that supposedly correlate to our gender. True, organic self-love seems almost impossible when you are held to these standards, and it affects one’s overall spirit. We become damaged and conditioned to dress, speak, look, and love through another person’s expectations—not our own. As an indigenous person, my people were always oppressed and made fun of for our features and for being different. Flores Politicos is a self-reflection on my experience growing up in America.

What we play with as kids is a huge reflection of ourselves, and Barbies tend to set the norm for what our bodies should look like and how femininity should be presented. In media we lack representation of folks with different cultures, identities, disabilities, backgrounds, body types, etc. Flores Politicos seeks to dismantle our socially constructed mindsets by challenging gender expectations, body shaming, and gender policing through photography. Flores Politicos wants to give a voice to those who have felt neglected by society, and we do it like no other by including non-binary folks, queer individuals, culture, body positivity, indigenous people, and more. I am hoping to extend this project to include more folks with different backgrounds and identities.