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Music Faze Wave's new music video featuring Groove Inn and senior citizens on Tinder

May. 16, 2019
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We're so excited to share Adolescent director Rachael Rios Rehm's latest bizarre music video for band Faze Wave feat. Groove Inn! Enter the wild world of a nursing home romance and learn more about Rachael's process making the video and behind the scenes below!

Adolescent Content: We love this story between these two senior citizens so much. How did y’all come up the the concept of the music video?

Rachael Rios Rehm: I talked to Matt (Faze Wave frontman) and he kind of broke down what the song meant to him and talked about a past relationship he was involved in. I kind of ran with it and asked him if he was cool with me making it a bit weird and he gave me full creative control, which was sick. Honestly, I’m not sure where the old people came from, but it just kind of came to me and my coworker Aidan while we were driving in NYC. Aidan had suggested maybe them Snapchatting each other and I thought that we could push it a little further. Like, how funny would it be to have a bunch of old people linking up on Tinder? Their rooms would be right next to each other at the nursing home this whole time-- it just took an app to bring them together. Having the band play the nursing home cafeteria like that was their “huge gig of the month”. I thought it would be really fun. Putting the band we're featuring in like the lamest setting ever. Originally the FW boys didn’t want to be in the physical video but once I came to Matt with the script, he changed his mind :-) 

BTS doodles by Sky Kim

Adolescent: The setting of this was incredible. Where was this all shot?

Rachael: This was shot in Sarasota, Florida! The band is from Jacksonville and I have a lot of crew/friends & resources based in Sarasota. It just made sense to fly myself and my production designer Jo down. It’s where I went to college for a little bit, so it’s always great to go back and work with my college pals. 

Adolescent: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

Rachael: Oh boy, my favorite scene to shoot was a tie between them eating lunch in the cafeteria and the footage of the band playing their set pre-dance party. Ray and Deb (the couple) were so funny in the cafeteria scene, I was honestly crying during the entirety of their performances. It’s just so creepy and gross to make cafeteria applesauce SO intimate lol. I think that’s why I love it. Shooting the band playing their set was fun because the colors & set design just made it for me. They honestly look so pathetic out of context, but thats why it works. Jo [production designer] made my dreams come true with that balloon arch and plastic gems on the guitars. 

Adolescent: How was it directing two seniors on a tinder date?

Rachael: Luckily for me my two actors knew each other and had worked together on many projects previously. So the onset chemistry was outta this world. Seriously we had to cut down so many great moments of them, they were wild to say the least. I gave them small prompts and they would take it and run and oftentimes I would just have the camera rolling without telling them because they would do the funniest and most candid stuff in between takes. I think sometimes the slate intimidates people so it was really fun to get shots of them being goofy on their own. 

Adolescent: Favorite moments on set?

Rachael: My favorite moment on set was probably shooting the last scene. We shot the dance party with the band performing in the background. It was just really great to have that many people there and grab all those little funny moments of the residents dancing. Also there was a beautiful service dog which was an important factor. I love dogs. 

Video Credits:
Written, Directed and Produced: Rachael Rios Rehm @crocsgrl
Executive Producer: Nick Morgulis @nickmorgulis
Director of Photography: Nick Dello Russo
Production Design: Johanna Hartzell @visions_of_jo
Edited by: Kurt Schmalz @kurt.schmalz
1st AC: Austin Zveare
2nd AC: James Barry
1st AD: Austin O’Reilly
2nd AD: Ryan Bradford
Gaffer: Furkan Memon
Key Grip: Nader Ajib
Swing: Zifeng Zhuo
Key PA: Michael Cavanaugh
Art Director: Devon Collins
Production Design PA: Caleb Duplain
Graphic Design/VFX Austin O’Reilly

Colorist: Mike Lee