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Documentary Fangirl mail: Hazel Cills talks snackwave, blogging, meme culture

Feb. 14, 2018
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Fangirl Mail is a brand-new animated documentary web series drawing from a series of Skype and Photobooth interviews conducted by Adolescent creator Ambar Navarro. Taking place from a follower's point of view, these interviews occurred in 2014 as part of Ambar's CalArts thesis, and each interview focused on one of five admired internet artists: Jillian Mayer, Molly Soda, Arvida Byström, Jeanette Hayes, and Hazel Cills. Ambar's questions range from topics about current internet trends to the artists' own personal work. The video format of Fangirl Mail allows for the artist's answers to extend beyond the screen, bringing together followers and the people they are following on a higher internet platform.

The first episode of Fangirl Mail features Ambar's interview with Hazel Cills, who chats with Ambar about snackwave and internet feminism. Sound like your bag of chips? Check out the video below!