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Dogs & Their Women: Liv and Brittany

Mar. 14, 2018
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Dogs & Their Women: Liv and Brittany

As you all are probably aware, dogs are a really important part of this universe. We are so excited to share the first episode of Dogs & Their Women: a series of interviews by Gabrielle DeCaro, exploring the unique and emotional bond between dogs and women.

From the creator: "These are active times, heavy times, so what are the psychological benefits of bonding with our dogs? How does companionship help women thrive? As someone who has always had a dog by my side, I've overcome trauma, found great relief from anxiety, and found caring for these creatures to be rewarding—to say the very least."

produced by @gabrielledecaro
featuring @brittanydhall
assistants: @ihaveacooldog / @pbrumz
title & graphics: