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Dear Sister

Mar. 8, 2018
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Dear Sister

In honor of International Women's Day, Adolescent director, Sol Bela from Barcelona, shares an incredible beautiful video about the women in her life, "who are so different, but are also made for each other."

The other day I got asked why I call you ''my sister''.
If we don't even have the same skin tone,
I don't have monolids like you, and you neither have a wide nose like me, they also asked me why I let you braid or twist my hair,
they have told us to always compete against each other
but what they don’t know, dear sister
even if you don't know what is to be me
and I don't know what is to be you
beautiful as a lotus flower
and me,
dripped in cocoa
we made magic when we are together.

Photographer: Sol Bela @smokingdesires
Models: @ginabalde @hoenestly.antoinette @chocolatross @corneliaham_ @jennytran @naguiyami
Art Direction: @smokingdesires