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Your go-to guide to the latest NYE-ready beauty products

Dec. 30, 2017
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Generally, holiday beauty is liable to make me sleep on launches from November through January. (What can I say? Silver-toned everything isn’t really my thing.) But leave it to winter 2017 to bring an interstellar, party-ready edge to a season of beauty that is nearly as repetitive as the Christmas decorations that pop up each year. Brands from Milk to MAC have subscribed to the idea that this season should be one for the books (and beauty bags) with products such as glitter glaze, prismatic glosses, and pastel palettes that will stand by you well into the spring. Without further ado, here are the party-matic holiday launches stifling our yawns and surging excitement.

MAC Grand Illusion Liquid Lip

The real illusion here is that, though these glosses are not marketed as having plumping powers, they do have that familiar tingle upon contact with lips. The shades—which range from green to magenta to orange—immediately get to work creating a 3D look on lips to give the idea that, hey, you’ve always had full lips, what are they talking about? Break out of the red-lip holiday doctrine and give one of these babies a go instead. 

Paul & Joe Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Lipstick

Paul & Joe’s Holiday Cat Lipstick is the elegant girl at the back of the sketch college party who makes you wonder what someone like her is doing amongst people like these. “Who is she?” indeed! Housed in Paul & Joe’s beautifully-designed, trademark paper tube, Paul and Joe’s latest animal-shaped lipstick is the ultimate in holiday beauty to be seen in. Get one step closer to being the “she” in question, with a sheer red lip and festive sparkle (courtesy of the sparkly balm rim) to boot.

Lime Crime Unicorns Highlighter Powder

Just when you thought unicorn season was over... Lime Crime releases a palette of three mind-blowingly gorgeous highlighters to re-dedicate you to All Unicorn Everything all over again. Hey, I’m not judging! These highlighters, the latest in LC’s collection of HI-LITE highlighter palettes, offer eccentric beauty-lovers an alternative to holiday beauty decorum with cotton-candy blue and pink tinted shades.

ColourPop Amber Crystal Collection

The gap between beauty and wellness gets smaller every day, and crystal-based products such as ColourPop’s Amber Crystal Collection are to thank for the merging of our two fave subjects. The brand that jump-started the trend back in the spring has launched a warmer, holiday-colored Crystal Collection just in time for those of us looking to bring the shine, simplicity, and—above all—good vibezzz to our holiday party look. The highlighter lives up to the CP standard of alien-like definition, while the balm and spray are in the running for two of my favorite beauty accessories this year.

Sigma Creme de Couture Pressed Color Palette

The beauty industry isn’t usually praised for being economically thoughtful, but that was before Sigma Beauty launched a palette made for winter-spring versatility that eliminates your need to buy any other eye color long after the holiday season is over. The colorful assortment of pastel powder shadows can be used to create a whimsically frosty face for the holidays before transforming into your go-to palette for the coveted fresh-as-a-flower look come spring. Finally: a Couture you can wear for more than one season!

Anna Sui Beauty Nail Color K 05

Apparently, kaleidoscopes aren’t limited to kids this Christmas: nails, rejoice! Avant-garde designer Anna Sui has released a series of multidimensional, glittery polishes to fulfill your winter desire for darkly beautiful nails. My fave, 05, features a midnight blue base offset by cheery blue, pink, and green flecks. Party paws, here we come!