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Yahya Outlaw

Apr. 10, 2018
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A consistent theme in my photography throughout the years has been duality. I like a little conflict, whether it is seen visually or figuratively. I like to guide the viewer to interact with my photos, drawing attention to my subject. The subject of this editorial was a friend and coworker, Yahya Outlaw. 

Yahya moves with a particular grace that is both methodical and easygoing. In fact, many things about Yahya have a graceful duality that I wanted to explore while shooting with him. Yahya has the ability to draw feminine and masculine energy within the same frame, a particular characteristic I seek in my subjects. He is serious but playful, stoic and sassy, seasoned yet naive. He also happens to be a Gemini, a zodiac sign known to have a seemingly conflicting personality. Knowing Yahya personally, I can attest to seeing him focused and hard-working yet lighthearted and positive. 

To continue a visual theme of duality, I chose backgrounds that were warm and cool and environments that could be indoor or outdoor.

Model: Yahya Outlaw (@oohyahya)

Stylist: Christina Loughborough (@styledbysupernova)

Hair & MUA: @lanahun