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What would Wen do about love, part 3: third time’s a charm?

Mar. 31, 2018
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I didn’t want to have to talk about him, but how can you write a column about all of the love gone south in popular media without mentioning the one and only Ross Geller?

Oh, Ross. From his homophobic attitude to his fragile masculinity to his juvenile manners, I really, really, really don’t like Ross Geller. His constant need to fix other people’s lives and correct their ideologies when they do not align with his own are equally frustrating. Is Ross Geller the Sheldon Cooper of Friends? I’m afraid so. Between his copious amount of flaws, I truly don’t know where to start, but “We were on  a break!” seems like the right place to do so.

“We were on a break!” Ross exclaimed.

I can’t help but agree—they were indeed on a break—but hey, Ross, people have feelings too! Just because you and Rachel had taken a short break from your relationship does not mean she wouldn’t be hurt when she found out you slept with another person the same night! Especially when you claimed to still be in love with her. Arguably, Rachel wasn’t in the right either, seeing as she had Mark in her apartment just hours after her break-up.

The main problem with Ross is how he often disregards other people’s feelings, making himself the sole center of attention. Even when he does commit what seems to be a “selfless” act, he always expects it to benefit him in the long run, unable to perform truly altruistic actions.

I remember taking a liking for Ross, rooting for him in the early seasons. I felt sorry for him because his wife had left him; he was just this awkward, quirky guy that kept on failing in his journey of love. But soon enough, he began revealing more and more of his true self to us. He became more irritating, acting like everyone in his life owed him. Throughout the series, he often threw adult tantrums about how Rachel was off with other guys and how a “nice guy” like him never got a chance with her. But he always failed to mention how much he had hurt her the first time around. In the midst of his complaints, however, he had no problem getting into serious relationships or even getting engaged and married to another woman.

Time after time, we see Rachel and Ross’s paths cross. In the end, when I saw Rachel getting off that flight, giving up her dream job in Paris, and showing up outside of Ross’s apartment, I cursed at the screen.

Rachel is Ross’s third ex-wife. Maybe the third time’s a charm, but I have lost count of the amount of times Rachel and Ross have attempted to make it work.