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Why you should be walking around with friends

Sep. 14, 2017
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In a world filled with fast, on-the-go conveniences, we are used to having broad access to piles of information, and we’re always looking for the next thing to do. On the plus side, we can be all over the world from one spot, but the downside of this is that we’ve lost our attention spans and become numb to digital entertainment. Don’t get me wrong: we still like technology (a lot!), and it is fun, but after while we need a break from it. That’s why we still cherish in person interactions. 

If you and your friends are brainstorming about what to do for your next hang, why not take a walk? A walk with your friends is super beneficial for the whole crew. Walking is an exceptionally healing and healthful pastime. Having fun while soaking up some health benefits? 

For the low amount of effort, that trade sounds like a good deal! In case you’re not already convinced, here are all the reasons you and your friends should walk it off:

  • It’s good for your body: Since walking is a form of low-impact exercise, the physical benefits are myriad: it aids weight loss, regulates blood pressure, improves circulation, strengthens bones, and even improves digestion. All in all, walking is a gentle exercise which adds to your body’s physical health inside and out.
  • It’s good for your soul: Going for a walk can help reduce stress, clear your mind, limit distractions, stimulate brain activity, and increase creativity. All these effects may seem to contradict each other, but in truth they go hand in hand—when your mind is clear from stressful overthinking, it relaxes and tends to wander to happier, more curiously creative thoughts.
  • There’s no time limit: You can walk as for as long or as short as you want to. Your crew can decide to take as many breaks or pit stops as you want. You can meet up whenever you want. There is no time restriction on when you can walk, beside your own availability. Sounds like a dream to schedule, huh?
  • You can be more spontaneous: Walking does not need to have a set destination—you can pick a neighborhood or city area or a nature path to walk around, and just get going. And if you are walking to a specific location, you can always decide to change your minds and explore a bit! The choice is up to you and the squad.
  • It’s more intimate: Talking to each other face to face is one of life’s most simple yet irreplaceable joys. Walking gives you more chances to learn about each other, which makes it a great icebreaker activity with someone you don’t know well. Take pictures. Talk about your worries. Joke around. Enjoy simply being with each other at this time in your lives.

So get out there and get some fresh air with your friends. Everyone can have a good time. Whether you walk for an hour around the city or ten minutes to the local store, it’s worth it. Best part of walking? It costs you nothing—and, after all, as everyone likes to say: “The best things in life are free!”

Pick a location. Gather the squad. Roll out.