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U.S. and foreign affairs round-up

Jul. 14, 2018
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This week, a lot of news stories have transcended national coverage. Here are some of the stories you need to know: 

NATO: where does the United States stand? 

Since the beginning of his campaign for the presidency, President Trump has criticized the NATO alliance for pushing the burden of defense costs on the United States. Throughout his presidency, he has continued to criticize other countries for not contributing the agreed percentage of their GDP. 

At the NATO Summit in Brussels that took place on Tuesday and Wednesday between the NATO allies, President Trump considered his push for European countries to contribute more. The European countries had already agreed to do so by 2024, though other countries have yet to follow through. Despite the division on the subject of spending, it should be noted that the allies of NATO do support collective defense spending as a concept. The division of the financial burden is the point of contention. 

Despite general threats of a United States withdrawal from NATO made by President Trump, the president has ultimately touted victory at the summit. He is claiming that it was his influence that has made the spending goals of European countries possible, though Emmanuel Macron disagrees, and seems pleased with NATO. 

“I can you tell you that NATO now is a really a fine-tuned machine. People are paying money that they never paid before. They’re happy to do it. And the United States is being treated much more fairly,” said President Trump.

President Trump and First Lady Melania visit Britain’s Queen and the Prime Minister 

Queen Elizabeth II will meet with President Trump and First Lady at Windsor Castle. As the head of state, the Queen has met with the vast majority of American presidents that have held office during her reign. 

Meanwhile, in London, anti-Trump protests and demonstrations are expected upon his arrival. 

President Trump will also meet with Prime Minister Theresa May amidst critical Brexit tension as she announced the latest approach to the British exit from the European Union. Theresa May is not only facing trouble from her own government about her decisions surrounding Brexit, but was also criticized by President Trump a few hours after he was graciously welcomed to Britain.