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Three poems

Feb. 24, 2018
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yeah, I wear women's clothes

a women's jacket is not a woman's jacket

it's a jacket

yeah, I wear lipstick,
who said being feminine is a product

it's an energy

no, I'm not gay,
and no, I'm not heterosexual
and no, I'm not pansexual
who said sexual orientation is an identity

it's something you experience

but I'll let you keep guessing
no, I'm not a man
no, I'm not a woman
you can't compartmentalize a mind
nor label a soul
but isn't it funny, how we try to anyway?
I am nothing I know


isn’t that hard
your dick is soft ninety-nine percent of the time.
So, what’s stopping you?


We are sitting on my roof, the sun is setting,
tomorrow there will be thunder, but we don’t know that yet,
because today,
nothing is happening, except us

With your head on my shoulder,
our backs are a silhouette in the sun
there’s that bird you always hear in the morning,
she’s singing to us now, how sweet,
just like you

my chipped nail polish looks better in your hand,
and my lipstick looks better smeared on yours,
ha, what, I can’t help it, when you smile like that,
it’s cute

You don’t want to go anywhere?
Okay, we won’t