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Recovering from a long week

Mar. 29, 2018
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Ever have a week where you are constantly on the move? You feel like you have so much to do, and you keep going. Well, if you’ve had that experience, you might have been stuck after that week. You feel lost. Once we get a break, we’re either like “Umm, what now?” or “Ugh, I’m too tired to do anything.” Both are reasonable. The only thing is, you need to care of yourself. After a long week, it is important to recover from all that hard work you pushed through. Here’s your care pack for recovering from a long week.

Organizing could possibly be the last thing you want to do, but creating your care pack can be fun and relaxing. You don’t need a lot of different items to go into your care package. In fact, you don’t need to package anything! The “care package” is just a title to get you in the right mindset. Here are suggestions for what to include in your care package for recovering from the week.  

#1 A Nap

Okay, you can’t really pack a nap. What you can do is create a little “Do NOT Disturb” sign for yourself. Block off some time to drift away to dreamland. Sleep is one of the best ways for your body and senses to recover. Sufficient sleep is necessary. Sweet dreams! 

#2 Candles

Soothe your senses with aromatherapy. Choose a smell that is calming to you. Breathe in. Breathe out. This is a great time to practice meditation, pull out a book you like, or do yoga. The candles help set the atmosphere. The candles help the atmosphere be calmer, slower, and quieter. 

#3 Movies 

Movie night! This is another choice to help you create a good atmosphere for your best recovery. Go for whatever you’re feeling. Whether that means comedy, romance, coming-of-age, or sci-fi, the possibilities are all up to you! Watch your favorite movie or a movie you have not seen. Make quick snacks for yourself. Get comfy.

#4 Music

I suggest instrumentals. Having songs with lyrics can be distracting, especially if they’re songs you really like. In order to calm down, mellow songs or something with a chiller vibe are best. Try searching for playlists online. Lay back and enjoy the great music. Write down new songs if you come across ones you like.

#5 Spa Time

Treat yourself to spa time. This can be done right at home. You can do a DIY scrub or deep condition your hair. You’ll feel fresh after a bit of self-care.

Once you get a chance to calm down, look back and see how much you accomplished this week. 

Be happy that it's over! Even if it was not your best week, don’t be too hard on yourself. We all have room to improve, but let’s be proud of our efforts. Now, give yourself time to rest. Honestly, for recovering from a long week, sometimes the best way to recover is to do the least sense-provoking activities. Give yourself, your senses, and your brain a rest!