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Small adjustments you can make that impact your emotional energy

Jun. 13, 2017
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Your outlook on life can have a huge influence over your happiness. Most of the time, we use our internal energy to keep us optimistic. We try our best not to rely on other people to make us happy, since we know happiness starts from inside ourselves. The problem here is that our internal energy is constantly put into combat mode in order to keep away bad vibes. If your optimism is always on defense, you will get tired.  

Becoming emotionally drained can be more exhausting than any physical tiredness.

We all need energizers; people need boosts in energy every now and then to keep their positivity fed. Surrounding yourself with energy boosters can be great inspiration for you to work harder.

Try to find people who have characteristics that you would like or that you think you could be better at. For example, maybe someone is great at getting people to participate. You may want to be near them in a group setting to observe how they are. Do they come up with tons of ideas to share with the group? Do they ask their group members tons of questions to get their opinion? 

Being around the traits you wish to improve on will give you motivation. Your internal energy will not have to fight, since it will be thriving off that motivation.

This is why it’s important to surround yourself with people you can learn from. A great example is a friend that has a better understanding or has grown more comfortable with a skill you are both trying to do well at. Observe that friend, or ask them some questions. It doesn’t have to be a friend. This person can be anyone. You can practice together, and bond over trying to be better than you were when you first tried the skill. It can also be important to be around people you feel you can teach something to. Teaching benefits your growth as you practice and validate your skills. 

It may also allow you to gain a new perspective, and appreciation for what you do. 

Along with energizers, you need rejuvenators. As humans, we like when we can find someone who shares our perspective. As they say, birds of a feather flock together. Rejuvenators can be the people who are on the same part of their journey as you are. For example, when you can rant or make jokes about school with someone in the same grade as you, or being new members on a team. Your internal energy will feel relieved. Seeking times like this is like giving yourself a break. Surrounding yourself with people who can empathize with you will give everyone involved a chance to catch their breath. The internal fuel will be restored.

What you should stay away from are drainers. These are the people and atmospheres that will bring down your mood. Continually being engaged with drainers is not good for your journey to your goals. One example of a bad atmosphere, would be a group of people who bash you constantly. Another example, would be someone making you feel that you are limited, and cannot reach new plateaus in your growth. 

You need to stay away from negative vibes and continue to enjoy your work.

And while other people are a major source of external energy, there are other sources of it in our daily lives. For example, working in a clean environment can help you focus; it will help your internal energy. Another example can be wearing an outfit in which you feel most comfortable. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, if you feel you look good in something, that positivity will show. Even doing something as simple as getting some fresh air or having quaint small talk can boost your overall energy.

The goal is to keep that energy going. There are so many things in the world that try to bring you down. You can either find ways to get around them or you can work to counter them. Try to soak in as much positive energy as you can. I am not telling you to be overly optimistic; this a simple reminder not become drained by everyday life.