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Seeing red

Mar. 29, 2018
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This series explores putting your all into something and feeling as though you’ve gotten nowhere. Sometimes, I get trapped in the endless cycle of comparing my work to that of others, which makes me feel like even after all of the effort I pour into my photography, it still isn’t good enough. I took these photos at a photography meetup, which only further intensified my feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt. However, I was able to overcome my fears and create a series of images that I’m proud of, which I tried to show in the photo set. The imagery of flowers and hearts is used to show the giving of love into your work and the creation of something beautiful that is not reciprocated or appreciated. I also often have a difficult time judging my work, as I am often too harsh on myself and tend to view my photography more critically than other people. I feel as though I haven’t improved, or that I could’ve done better. I conveyed this through the use of the color red, which comes across as a stopping point, like a red light. 

In some photos, the color dominates the frame while in others, it is the only color that stands out. The bold colors in the background of many shots are similar to those in the outfits of the models, which could be interpreted as either the subjects attempting to blend in, or in competition to stand out. The outfits of the models also feature vibrant, contrasting colors, and I thought the atmosphere and use of harsh shadows could add another layer to this contrast. Although many of the images appear somber or forlorn, the subjects are often reaching or looking either away or towards the camera, providing feelings of hope and curiosity in the face of disappointment and dead ends.

Modeled by Ava, Bella, Kailyn, and Lily

Styled by Angel

Makeup by Eden