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Pick my flower

Mar. 6, 2018
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Like the depth and darkness of a fir forest and the wild flowers on a meadow in summer, our curiosity, sensuality and longing for pleasure grows naturally. It comes from within like the roots of a fig tree and as the roots of the fig tree spread under the surface, our fantasies grow. In our imagination, there are no boundaries, our fantasies can go wild, we can open up and dive into a hazy world of pleasure.

My series called Pick My Flower is about the sexual curiosity that floods your body in the early stages of puberty. I still feel like the sexual curiosity and desires of teenage girls are topics rarely talked about by those who actually experienced them. I find that speaking up about female sexuality in the most honest and natural way is considered as something shameful. Although, the perception has shifted over the last years, I still think a lot of younger girls are ashamed of masturbating while I find it to be the most empowering and natural behaviour when you feel like your body calls for it. The series is for everyone who also went through a hormone-driven puberty like I did.

The series is inspired by the works of French director and write Catherine Breillat whose unapologetic work about teenage sexuality strikes me on every level. After watching her films Une Vraie Jeune Fille and À ma sœr!, I was driven to visualise my own sexual experiences I have made when I was a teen.  On that note, the series is very personal and shows my own experience of teen sexuality only. It aims to emphasise that female sexuality is strong, natural and very much existent without a second person involved.