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Parkland survivors to co-author book

Apr. 20, 2018
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Two students victims of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, have announced their book deal with Penguin Random House. 

David Hogg, 18, and his younger sister Lauren Hogg, 14, are set to release their book, #Never Again: A New Generation Draws the Line, on June 5th of this year. David Hogg took to his Twitter account to announce the news Wednesday. According to that tweet, the Hoggs plan to donate their book revenue to “help heal the [Parkland] community." A description on the Penguin Random House website refers to the book as “a manifesto for the movement begun that day, one that has already changed America–with voices of a new generation that are speaking truth to power, and are determined to succeed where their elders have failed.”  

via: Twitter | David Hogg

The book is only part of the elder Hogg’s status as a leader of the national student movement for gun violence prevention. He rose to national attention after he conducted interviews with fellow Stoneman Douglas students while they were still trapped in the school. Since then, David has become one of the movement’s most well-known members, speaking at the March for Our Lives and making an appearance on the cover of Time magazine. He has also been one its most persecuted. Many conspiracy theorists have tried to prove that Hogg was not in the school when the shooting happened, or that he is a hired actor pretending to be a victim to reinforce liberal agendas. 

Lauren was friends with shooting victims Jaime Guttenburg, Alaina Petty, Alyssa Alhadeff, and Gina Montalto. In an emotional interview with her mother and brother the week of the shooting, Lauren said of them, “We sat next to each other in class. We spent days on end just talking about what we want to do when we grow up, where we want to go to college, and now it’s just gone.” Lauren has also been vocal in the movement.