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PHOTO SERIES: NYC Women's March 2018

Feb. 8, 2018
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“You may shoot me with your words. You may cut me with your eyes. You may kill me with your hatefulness. But still, like air, I’ll rise.”

— Maya Angelou

January 20, 2018 — Over 200,000 people marched in the Second Annual Women’s March in New York City, organized by the Women’s March Alliance. Their cause is simple: to demand for equality of all humans. Women, immigrants, LGBTQIA people, people with disabilities, people of color, and more have been receiving inadequate treatment for uncountable years, and even more so over the past year under the current administration. Even planet Earth herself has been struggling to survive with Donald Trump's disbelief of climate change. 

Attending this march was beyond empowering. A sea of signs reading “#TimesUp” and abounding middle fingers, raised high at the Trump Tower as we strutted past, engulfed my surroundings. Yet it was so much more than a bunch of poster boards. Good-hearted people of all kinds had looks of fury across their faces, mixed in with smiles from the sight of so much support for their common concerns. “We want a leader, not a creepy tweeter,” “My body, my choice,” and “You're orange, you're gross, you lost the popular vote” rang through blocks and down the Avenue of Americas. 

Remember to stand up for what you believe in, take action, be kind, vote, and spread love!