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Photo Maya Songbird

Nov. 24, 2020
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My mission is to bring happiness and positivity to a world that has become dystopian. I use my music, art, and storefront to bring a high to this planet that can't be compared to anything else.

My storefront is called Maya’s Magic Shop and it’s located in an art gallery here in Oakland. My store is in front of a big building full of other art studios, so there’s always creative energy around the block. We sell eclectic goods that are designed for healing the mind and body. Along with my hand-poured candles and tinctures, we carry twelve other vendors in the store. 

Besides the store, my music is everything and has been a source of healing for a long time. I’m in a band called Telepathic Children and we’re currently rehearsing and getting ready to release new music. I'm also releasing music early next year from a project called Cats from Venus with Amara’s Island.

My body has always been a source of pride and love for me. Some people can't handle this kind of self-love, but I'm here to stay. My body and mind are a machine for endless creation and I take pride in being alive and making art in my community. This year has been very challenging but by simply showing up and being seen, I am fighting for myself and others every day. 

There is no end to the outlets I use to spread self-love and joy. Thank you to Adolescent for always giving me a voice to spread my unique love to the world.