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Apr. 4, 2018
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When I landed in New York City, I had to hold back my excitement about meeting Lula Hyers, a photographer and artist whom I had admired all the way from Los Angeles. I wanted to work with her, being in front of the camera with my then 11-month-old daughter. I trusted her to take that role. We executed the small project that turned into a lovely afternoon of conversation—I had learned that Lula is also a doula. Lula the Doula, I thought quietly. I've always admired her work because she creates a platform for WOC, mothers, those expecting, and those who genuinely love to be properly presented. Time and time again, she has fought for the desexualization and normalization of women's body parts, especially those that feed our babies. Her art is her soul. 

As a photographer and storyteller, it's always very interesting for me to learn about the people behind cameras as well—to learn and understand their narratives, why they do this, what wakes them up in the morning and keeps them up at night. I was drawn to Lula as a person (who she is, for those of you who often forget that we're all human) as much as I was drawn to her work. I wanted to capture what she presents of other people. The great news is that she is of a genuine nature, and hopefully this body of work captures that.