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July editors' letter

Jul. 13, 2018
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Hello, sunshine!

Can you believe summer is already halfway over? Remi and I are both in LA right now and working in the Adolescent office together (yay!) and eating Trader Joe’s for lunch (yay!!).

Now that we’ve been co-editors for six months, we thought it was time to start writing monthly editors’ letters! This month, we want to talk about some super exciting changes. We have some new columns coming your way (including a question-based column by a sex educator, an advice column from Remi, and an astrology corner from Miranda Feneberger), some fun website changes, and more hard-hitting current events pieces. Over the last six months, Remi and I have been awed by our team’s growth and sheer talent. Here are some of our favorite pieces:

One more thing... Adolescent has partnered with Speciwomen and Pure Nowhere! Both publications are perfect additions to Adolescent’s already amazing group of partnerships. Make sure to check out their articles and photo sets!

With Love,

Olivia and Remi