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In My Room episode 5: privacy and isolation

Jan. 18, 2018
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In My Room episode 5: privacy and isolation

You know how your bedroom is so much more than a bedroom? Think about it: in addition to being a place to sleep, it's also a sacred space, an oasis from the rest of the world, an office, a studio, a home gym—you name it. To wit: welcome to In My Room, a new bi-weekly series in which one of our favorite digital artists, Molly Soda, dissects various aspects of teen bedroom culture. 

This week, we're delighted to present episode 5 of In My Room, which is all about that struggle that pretty much defines the experience of being a teenager: the tension between privacy and isolation. It's hard not to feel isolated when you're in high schoolyou're old enough to start thinking for yourself, but you're still being treated like a kid. Nobody understands you, and, honestly, it doesn't even seem like they're trying very hard. And when your bedroom offers your only chance at privacy from a world that just doesn't get you, well, is it any wonder that you'll fight tooth and nail to protect that sanctuary?

Want to hear more? Check out the video and virtually connect from your bedroom!