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I Fell: A short film celebrating National Coming Out Day

Oct. 11, 2017
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Here at Adolescent, we want to encourage our readers and creators to be exactly the person that they are. Adolescence is a confusing and scary time: you’re figuring out who you want to be and what your values are, and sometimes discovering your identity can put you at odds with the things you were taught to believe. But it’s also an exciting time, if you let it be—a time when you can begin to build a relationship with the person you’re becoming.

Whether you’re gay, bi, queer, trans, all of those things, none of them, or somewhere in between; whether you’ve come out to your school, your parents, your best friend, or just yourself; whether you’re living your truth or biding your time until you can make your way to a place where that is possible; we love and support you, and we celebrate you today. And it’s in honor of you—all of you—that we are sharing I Fell, a short film directed by Ella Lentini and Rachel Leyco.

I Fell is a short film featuring a series of captured iPhone moments and soundbites from a variety of people who identify as LGBTQ. It’s a film about being who you are, loving who you love, and growing into the kind of person you want to be. Happy National Coming Out Day!

Featuring real stories from LGBT advocates and inspiring influencers, directed by Outfest 2017 alumni filmmakers.

The Riot Life makes collaborative art with a team of award-winning creatives who work in film, fashion, and music. We are continuously looking to collaborate with brands, artists, and influencers who align with our motto: “Live Free. Love Endlessly. Stay Weird.”

#UniteForLove | #NationalComingOutDay | #LoveIsLove
Adolescent x The Riot Life
Directed by: Rachel Leyco & Ella Lentini
Director of Photography: Kiara Ramirez
Produced by: R.W. Reinhardt
Music by: Fallen Swan

 @theriotlifeofficial| @ella_lentini | @rnleyco