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I drew a much-needed venn diagram of the word "crazy"

Jun. 16, 2017
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I drew this nifty little venn diagram to help demonstrate things that are considered ‘crazy’ and things that are not. As you can see, certain things can be called crazy, like fantastical hair and eyebrows. And the word ‘crazy’ can be used to describe feelings like how much I love pizza. It can also be used to describe situations or events, like unusual weather conditions. But people, human beings, are never ‘crazy.’  

People with mental health problems and mental illnesses are never to be called ‘crazy,’ because not only is it highly insensitive to the person’s medical condition and their emotions, but it also further promotes stigma around mental illnesses and the people who have them. There’s already a big enough stigma, and it causes discrimination, fear, and even hatred of people who need support and compassion the most. 

via: Tiernan Hebron

So the next time you hear someone describe themselves or someone else as ‘crazy,’ calmly show them this diagram. Tell them to think about the people they might be hurting before they open their mouths. Because just as it is unacceptable to call women ‘bitches’ or people with developmental disabilities ‘stupid,’ it is unacceptable to call people with mental illnesses ‘crazy.’