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I am deeply confused on what the standard is for the human vagina

Jun. 26, 2017
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Over the past several decades, pubic hair in society has changed drastically. From full to trimmed to bikini to landing strips to completely bald. It is now 2017, and I can’t tell you which bush is the most accepted. I’ve talked to many people (in the United States) and it’s come to an even 50/50. 

Are we finally at the point where women can decide for themselves what to do with their pubic hair? 

My vagina, like many others, has been discriminated against from time to time. Shamed, if you will. I remember being 15 and getting ready to go out with my girlfriends, outfit picking, doing our make up while listening to the same 3 songs over and over again, and the duration of our time was making sure all of our legs, armpits, and cooters were shaved to perfection. 

I was a virgin at 15; shaving wasn’t for sex, but in case there was a fingerbang possibility by a hot teenage boy with subtle acne.

But now, it’s different. I hear girls shaming other girls for “conforming” by getting waxed or shaving. Guys saying “it looks too much like a little girl, I like a landing strip so I don’t feel like a creep, but it’s not messy.” (sidenote: I hate every dude with an opinion on this matter)

And then there’s the other side, guys and girls being disgusted by bushes because of porn, and the belief that it is a “lack of hygiene” to keep your pubic hair– which is completely false. It doesn’t matter if you have hair down there, you can make it super disgusting without any, trust me. 

Now that I am 100% single, I don’t know what to do with my pubes. And the anxiety it gives me before a possible sexual encounter is unfair.

My pussy is a prize. I may pluck half my pubes off while procrastinating, and it may look confusing to you, but get over it.

Let’s accept all vaginas, bush or no bush.