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Apr. 5, 2018
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I’ve always been interested in how the body, through the lens of a camera, can turn into something that has nothing to do with what it originally was, and how by adding geometric or abstract elements to it, can turn into an abstract figure itself.

Working with women and experimenting with the female body by adding colors and textures to create a second skin has become a task that has allowed me to find many different ways to portray and materialize images that exist only in my head. In addition to that, I’ve come to learn from every woman I’ve worked alongside that our bodies are opportunities for performance beyond the ways we are sexualized. Transforming our exterior gives us the opportunity to realize that our interiors are altering as well, and that’s where the beauty lies—in being able to embrace the fact that we are forever changing beings.

I love working on open spaces and inserting objects into the environment to create images where color and shape are primal elements along with the model. The amorphous shapes of the silhouettes reflect the ways in which I sometimes try to portrait my confusion, and it is through the bodies of women who have dared to sit in front of my camera that I find some meaning in the pursuit of self-realization through photography.