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Gender is a drag

Apr. 13, 2018
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Born and raised in NYC, 10-year-old Desmond claims he “came out of the closet when [he] was born.” Already, he has become an icon of the New York Pride Parade, performed live in drag, and been cited as a revolutionary. Desmond identifies as gender-fluid and gay, and uses he/him pronouns. He also enjoys drag and considers himself a “drag kid,” rather than a drag queen as he finds it more age-appropriate. Being 10 years old and knowing yourself so deeply is truly admirable and should be the case for all children. I decided to do this shoot because I knew Desmond could be a voice for children’s personal autonomy. Kids should be allowed to dress up and present themselves however they want. I wanted to honor Desmond as a child who embodies just this, while also inspiring other kids and adults to feel the same way. I let Desmond express himself best by doing his own make up and helping me style his outfits. The photos are meant to be fun and dramatic, much like Desmond. They are queer and kid-friendly, which is not an oxymoron.

Clothing - Other Wild, Unamused Apparel, Tiny Bangs, MIA New York, Heelys

Via Little Rags & Riches: Hilda Henri, EFVVA, Nikolia, Sons + Daughters