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Defining democracy

May. 30, 2018
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De·moc·ra·cy (noun): a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Democracy is the spark that forged America. We live and swear by it, and anyone who tries to take it away will undoubtedly face problems. Democracy has helped so many, but it has also oppressed many. The ability to vote on issues can be maladaptive. If there is a majority vote on an idea unpopular with the public, there’s nothing that can really be done after the voting is closed. Democracy means that we all have a say in our nation’s choices, all of which are reliant on the power, intellect, and beliefs of the people. Democracy lets us feel involved in the national affairs that are bigger than us. Without this system, America would likely no longer be the land of the free. Democracy is accompanied by a strong sense of empowerment, which is clear in both the Democrat and Republican parties.

Republicanism is based on the idea that everyone is responsible for their place in society. Hence, Republicans want a government that can act quickly when needed and a government that doesn’t intervene with the personal accumulation of wealth. They want a America where national freedom is secured, which would constitute things like stricter laws on immigration and citizenship. A Republican’s focus is not really on the community but more on themself. They believe the strength of the nation comes from the people, so our freedom comes first in regards to the government. Republicans believe in free enterprise and encourage individual initiative, the practice of fiscal responsibly, letting the people keep what they worked for, spreading peace, freedom, and human rights worldwide. These views may sound empty, but when tied to the people who classify themselves as Republicans they add depth. Most Americans who are Republicans are conservatives. These individuals are averse to change and generally are centered in traditional values. Most conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, and a strong national defense. A core belief of conservatism is that the government should provide people with the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. This ideology emphasizes the individual’s to solve their own problems.

The Democratic Party is the party of the people and the party for the people. Most Democrats are minorities, because the Democratic Party looks out for the underdogs. This group typically supports government organizations that aid the less fortunate. The democratic vision is simple: America should let its citizens achieve their God-given potential. They strive for a peaceful, free America that is united in confronting issues. Democrats’ strongest belief is equality on all fronts whether that be in terms of race, sex, or education. The Democratic Party is determined to reawaken the American community. Those who declare themselves Democrats are generally liberal. Liberals believe that the government should and must function to achieve equal opportunity and equality, reduce community issues, and protect civil liberties and human rights. A core belief of liberalism is that the government should guarantee that no one is in need and that the government exists to solve people’s problems.

Democracy has an immeasurably large role in political parties, to the point that they wouldn’t really exist without democracy. It is democracy that makes us work together to ensure that we can live in an America with which we are satisfied. We are the ones who vote on laws and representatives. We vote on the people who are in charge of the parties and the entire nation. It is beneficial to research who is guiding your party so that your demands are being met. The core beliefs of these parties never change but the people in charge do, and it’s our duty to keep an eye on that. We as Americans need to keep our parties in check and make sure their leaders are fulfilling our goals. If we keep that in motion, we will reap the true benefits of democracy; we will maintain a world for the people, governed by the people.