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Coming Out in a Small Town: Realization

Mar. 14, 2017
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Coming Out in a Small Town: Realization

Coming Out in a Small Town is the followup to Sita McVay’s Sex series. Sita sheds light on LGBTQ+ experiences from her friends who grew up in small towns in these beautiful video portraits. Each episode explores different moments and perspectives from LGBTQ+ community.

In this first episode, Realization, Sita interviews her friends and explores how each individual first discovered they weren't necessarily straight. They discuss how attraction isn't a simple cut and dry matter and how varied attraction and sexuality can be. In these conversations, they reveal that despite the negative connotations small towns get concerning openness, each individual's experience is varied and unique.

Sita McVay is a photographer and director from Fayetteville, Arkansas. She’s been called a prodigy, starting her photography at 11-years-old, and is recognized for capturing stunning photographs that illustrate the essence of childhood.