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4 beauty rules we just *love* to break

Aug. 8, 2017
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The first rule of makeup is: THERE ARE NO RULES. That’s right—contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing you’re forbidden from doing when it comes to makeup. We’re strong, independent people who don’t let anybody tell us what to do… and that includes abiding by these outdated makeup “rules”: 

  1. You can’t have bold lips paired with bold eyes
    Um, yes you can! Makeup artists have been warning us to balance out a bright lip with toned down eyes, but if you feel like a glitter smokey eye is what you need, do it! Don’t forget to send us the pics of the finished product. 

via: Pinterest 

  1. You can only use your products the way they’re marketed
    Just because your bronzer is labeled “bronzer” does not mean that is the only use for it. Chances are, most of your products are up for the challenge of multitasking (for example, Jeffree Star’s new lip products are also safe for eyes), so we challenge you to create a whole makeup look with one product!

via: Refinery29

  1. Darks colors are only for the winter, lights for the summer
    You may have heard that you should put away your dark nail polishes come June 1, but this is absolutely not true! If you feel the need to rock black nails on the Fourth of July, go for it. I wear light pink year-round!

via: Alux

  1. You need to wear makeup to be professional.
    Nope nope nope nope nope. Should you dress according to the job? Absolutely. Should you conduct yourself appropriately? Most def. Do you need to buy expensive makeup to create a look you might not even want on your face in order to fulfill the patriarchy-fueled notion that women need product to be beautiful because anything less is unacceptable? Let’s say it all together: HELL NO!

This is not an exhaustive list, of course. Makeup is art, and there is an endless amount of possibility. Tell us what beauty rules you love to break in the comments—better yet, post pictures to Instagram and tag @adolescentcontent so we can see!