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As if ghosting didn't suck enough, you can now get dumped via Spotify

Apr. 10, 2017
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Remember the days when you'd make your boo a mixtape of all the songs that remind you of them? Those were much simpler times, I know. Now, as we've gotten older, those mixtape have turned into playlists, and those playlists have now evolved into a more civil way to break up with a partner -- compared to ghosting, that is. 

When Kirsten Titus, 19, decided it was time to part ways with her then-boyfriend Wyatt Hall, 20, she apparently decided the softest way of doing so was to create a Spotify playlist full of songs that clearly sent the message she was moving him from love interest to the friend zone.

And honestly, she was pretty damn creative, and it has earned her some recognition. 

The song titles, when put together, spell out: “Do you still want to kiss me because I am kinda lovin’ someone else but we can still be friends.” 

Kirsten told BuzzFeed, "We went on a lot of creative dates, so it was only fitting that she end things in an interesting way. It got the job done, and then some." 

As for Wyatt, he took it pretty well and responded his own playlist which consisted of just one track:

Isn't modern romance the best?