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Actress Jaimie Alexander talks 'Blindspot', Beauty, and Girl Power

Aug. 16, 2016
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Actress Jaimie Alexander is everywhere these days. The 32-year-old has starred in Thor and Thor 2: The Dark World  as the formidable Lady Sif and she has reprised the role twice on the hit show, Agents of Shield. Now, she stars in the new NBC television show Blindspot. The show follows Jane Doe, a woman who is found in Time Square covered in mysterious tattoos and a wiped memory. Over the span of her career, Alexander has played many strong female characters that are beautiful, athletic, and dangerous--that is definitely the way she likes it.

"This is what I live for!" she says. "That's why I got into acting. It was either that or wrestle at Iowa State, so I decided acting would be my thing."

Her first film, 2004's Squirrel Trap, may not have been her ideal first role, but she continued acting until her goals were achieved. As her status grew in the industry, she never imagined she would have such an impact on young girls.


"Oh man, it's an amazing feeling to know you're making your mark in this business. This is why I make sure to take roles with characters that have depth and aren't just damsels in distress."

 Alexander really enjoys being on the show Blindspot, the level of diversity, and being able to do her own stunts. She is a strict believer in girl power, body positivity, and wishes Hollywood would get in line with these ideals. 


"I hope this show can pave the way along with other television shows and films to make room for more roles like this," she says. "There are so many wonderful actresses who embody intelligence, beauty, compassion, empathy, and athleticism who can get out there and inspire women of all ages. That inspiration is the best thing I take away from Blindspot."

What can fans expect from season 2 of Blindspot? Well, the first episode ties up the first season, and Jane Doe finally finds out who she really is. After this important reveal, the show starts a new journey. Definitely expect a lot of action scenes in this season as Jaimie Alexander had to do a lot of special training to prepare, so trust me, it will be worth it. 

Are you ready to see Jane Doe kick a** this season? Be sure to check out Blindspot when the new episodes debut this fall!

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Cover Image by Jodeci Zimmerman