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A conversation about mental illness: advice

Sep. 5, 2017
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A conversation about mental illness: advice

In the second installment of her series exploring the topic of mental illness, Adolescent creator Sita McVay asks her friends to share their experiences asking for help and to offer advice to viewers who may be struggling with mental health issues of their own. In these unflinchingly candid conversations, Sita's friends matter-of-factly describe their own experiences navigating mental illness and the mental health system.

Over the course of five minutes, Sita's friends offer advice which varies from the practical to the philosophical. "You really can't take people's advice too literally. Everybody's so different; you just have to find what is good for you and makes you feel good," offers one boy in a tie-dye T-shirt. Another person with pink hair adds, "You're beautiful, and you deserve to be here just as much as anyone else does. You have so much to offer." Most importantly, Sita's friends repeatedly stress one thing above all else: you are not alone.

Mental illness remains a deeply stigmatized topic, even though 18.5% of adults in the U.S. experience mental illness within a given year and 21.4% of teenagers will experience mental illness at some point over the course of their life. If you're struggling with mental illness, don't be afraid to look for help. If you need someone to talk to, call a mental health hotline like the National Youth Crisis Hotline (800-442-4673) or the Trevor Project Helpline (800-850-8078).