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'90s retrograde

Jul. 3, 2018
Avatar ebony nicole.jpge735ca0e 6315 4e0e a948 af89d92bbd49

| Feat. BowtieJones |

Time elapsed 

Clockwork minded

Colorful mind

Another week, another photoshoot

Going back to a time period I wasn’t around for 

            But I want a magazine look 

ideas, concepts, but tryna keep my head in a book

Capturing the moment is not as easy as it looks

 I want motion, I want movement 

I have to see what my dreams meant

To me, to us, to the ‘90s

Bringing it back to the future 

With looks

By bowtie 

To capture the beautiful picture 

For someone without a cure.

This particular photoshoot was based on vibes inspired by the culture of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. That has always been my favorite period to recreate, since I was never really a part of it. Because of my obsession with colors, I partnered up with Bowtie Jones, a fashion designer and model, to complete the vision I had in mind. Creating the ‘90s Retrograde look definitely took some time, because I allowed and trusted him to add his own creativity and style to it. Before then, I’d been so cut up with maintaining my B average in school that I barely had time to shoot. So, I wanted to enjoy taking pictures again and most importantly, come back ten times stronger. I couldn’t put aside my dreams; I had to recreate my vision of how I felt the ‘90s culture would translate in the present day. We can never forget the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Overall, I was happy with the outcome. Moreover, I’ve learned that it is important for me to have the perfect model and collaborator for my shoots, because they play a huge part in my visions becoming true. Thank you, Bowtie.