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5 first date ideas

May. 19, 2017
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A first date should be something casual, laid-back, but not too relaxed where it may seem un-thoughtfully planned out. It’s a chance for two people to chat and learn more about each other; a chance to see if there’s a spark while doing something exciting. Here are five great first date ideas that you can try out for yourself.

1. Concert 

A concert, in my opinion, is a great first date. Music is one of the things that often connects people. If you find an artist you both like – why not go see them together? You can both jam out and learn more about each other’s personality. I think I feel most alive, or at home, whenever I’m at concerts. After the show, maybe get dinner and just talk about the show and more about each other, and see where it goes. Concerts are an easy way to lighten the mood and enjoy time with someone.

2. Coffee 

Coffee dates can also be fun, because who doesn’t like coffee, right? You don’t even have to sit in at a coffee shop, you can grab coffee to go then walk around the neighborhood and make jokes, talk about random topics at hand, or just adore the surrounding area. I personally love coffee dates because they’re intimate, but not too intimate where it freaks someone out. And I really love my Chocolate Chip Frappes.

3. Theme Park/Zoo

Although this date may be a bit more expensive, theme parks and zoos are a fun way to bring out the wild side of people, and get them to try new things – such as a new rollercoaster. Zoos are also exciting because you get to see so many animals and just enjoy being around nature, but in a safer environment. 

4. Museum 

Museums, whether it’s art, music, or even an astronomy museum, are always a nice way to explore and appreciate art surrounding you. Exhibits change all the time, and you may find something new that you’ve never seen or learn something new, so it can be romantic and educational. 

5. Show Off Your Skills 

If you or the person you’re interested in has a talent they’re excellent at that you’re also interested in, let them teach you, and vice-versa. You can both pick up some new skills you didn’t have before, and you’ll both be impressed by each other and what they have to offer. It’s a date that can’t go wrong, and lets personalities flow. I love these because personally, I’m a photographer, so showing off skills would be awesome because the person could pick up my interests.

With these date ideas, you should have one amazing first date, and hopefully many more with time to come. These keep things casual, light, and have lots of room for conversation about anything under the sun, along with more time to truly connect and find common ground.

Cover Image by Ginger Port