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Weekly Roundup of Oddities #2

Oct. 3, 2016
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I'm back for another roundup of odd news stories. This round is quite domestic, but that doesn't stop it from being strange.

31 Pound Cat Lives in Hotel

Guests at a Best Western in New Hampshire have been mistaking this giant cat for a raccoon. The 8-year-old tabby named Logan was adopted by couple Susan and Tor Brunvand, who say six years ago he was a 'normal sized cat', but soon began eating from the bowls of the couple's other two cats and finding ways to sneak into the stash of cat food for an extra snack. Logan is now three times the size of the average cat, without the help from genetics, as some cat breeds such as Maine Coons are naturally bigger. This tabby has become a hit at the Best Western, generating millions of views from videos taken by guests. Although he's overweight, he is healthy, and can run, jump, and beg for a belly rub just as much as any other cat.  Brunvand states, "He doesn't think he's fat. He thinks he's cute." As one who has seen the video of Logan wobbling over for belly rubs, I am ready to book a flight to New Hampshire just to spend some time with this adorable big boy.

Driver Uses Mannequin to Drive in Carpool Lane

A driver in Orange County, California was cited for driving in the carpool lane with what originally seemed like a passenger, but turned out to be a mannequin The police officer who noticed originally only approached the driver to warn him to be careful, as his truck was veering out of the carpool lane and close to the officer's motorcycle. As he got closer to warn the driver however, he noticed that the passenger wasn't a passenger at all. The driver later stated that he has been using the mannequin to drive in the carpool lane for quite some time.  I don't know about you, but I certainly have thought about doing this while sitting in traffic at a complete standstill. But after seeing this driver's potential fine of at least $481, I think I'll hold off.

Quintuplets All Get First Jobs Working at the Same McDonalds

The three brothers and two sisters of the Curtis family have landed their first jobs. The quintuplets, 18-years-old, all work together in the same McDonalds. To make matters even more confusing is the names: Leith, Logan, and Lucas all work in the kitchen, Lauren works at the front counter and drive-thru, and Lindsey handles the lobby. Lori Curtis, the quintuplets' mother, states that they call it "McCurtis". Who needs any other employees when you have the whole Curtis crew working the floor!

01010100 01101000 01100101 01101001 01100110 00100001

A thief in Philadelphia has a very peculiar prize in mind. Residents in the East Kensington area have had the zeros and ones stolen from the addresses mounted on their homes. One woman saw a zero stolen from her home through her surveillance camera, another saw one being stolen from her neighbor's home across the street, and another resident had a zero stolen. He stated that he doesn't know if "someone is trying to send a message or someone just has an obsession with zeroes and ones." On the list of odd delinquencies done to homes, this definitely makes the list with last weeks' apple thrower.

Images by Tina Lawson
Stories via AP Exchange