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Photo Tres personas

Dec. 1, 2020
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This editorial is hugely inspired by Solange’s “Stay Flo” and a little bit of my personal life. The term "Flo" is used to describe a witty and smart person—someone who never fails to make others laugh. A person who's very caring and will never backstab you. Over the past few years, I’ve really tried to be like this.  

I recently found a version of “Stay Flo” on YouTube that’s been slowed down with added reverb. It made me feel distorted—like I could see split images of my different personas. Modeling this shoot off the song, I wanted the photos to be very edgy, camp, and curious.

For the styling, I was inspired by Hugo Comte. Comte’s photos have this kind of texture that reminds me of Final Fantasy. For the makeup, I wanted one model to have bleached brows and white lashes. For the male model, I was inspired by Pansy Magazine—where male models debunk toxic masculinity. 

Photos by TJ Devaras 

Makeup by Divina Carrasco

Styling by Bella Robinson

Modeled by Adam Sebastian Bryl, Makenna Lyle, and Emersen Coburn Percival