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To a kinder 2018

Jan. 19, 2018
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Let's be real: 2017 was brutal, and we at Adolescent, for one (or several), could not be more delighted to now be a couple weeks into 2018. But a lot of us are still figuring out our goals for the new year—what we're planning on doing to make sure we become our best, happiest selves. And that's okay! Surviving in the world is a difficult thing to do these days, so the "right" answers may not always be available right away.

If you're really stumped about what to focus on this year, though, Julia Tabor has some ideas. She's focused on making 2018 a kinder, gentler year for herself, and she's already off to a good start. If you're looking for ways to make your life a little better in 2018, check out the comic below.