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This week inside my body: masturbation

Aug. 25, 2017
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While it's tempting to let yourself fall into a rut while single, you are still a sexual and beautiful human being. Partner or no parter, you have so many incredible ways to practice self-love during alone time. Long, luxurious baths, skipping shaving for weeks at a time and basking in the glory that is your perfect, natural body. 

Oh, and masturbating until you're kinda worried you might get carpal tunnel. But it's the good kind of wrist pain! It's the kind of wrist pain that reminds you while you're typing at your desk later on in the day: "Oh fuck! This morning's romp was the best orgasm I've had since, like, yesterday!"

Because your toys are more than just your toys. They learn about your body as much as you learn about how they'll best take you to that heavenly place, slowly at first, then faster, and then.... Ahhhhhh goodnight, my sweet Matilda. Sweet dreams, me <3