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Beauty The best multipurpose beauty products

Oct. 17, 2018
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I’ll be the first to admit that my life is dominated by beauty products. Not only in the metaphorical sense of the word, but also in an all too literal context. Open any cupboard in my apartment and beauty products will fall out. Every surface is piled high with masks, moisturizers, concealers, and glitters. And to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, for those wanting to streamline their stash (and get the most bang for their buck), multipurpose products can be a saving grace. Not only does such a product replace the need for (and space of) two products, but it also means you’re much more likely to use it. Less waste, more product success, and a hotter you. What’s not to like?

However (again). A lot of “multipurpose” beauty products on the market tend to be shitty. By which I mean, they do just one job well, and another one terribly. Or, even worse, they do a few different jobs, but all terribly. I’m unwilling to sacrifice efficacy for anything. Products must work—otherwise, they will be unceremoniously thrown out of my window. Sorry about it.

Anyway, to summarize, here are some products which are actually useful for more than one purpose. And confusingly enough, many of them are not actually advertised as such. But they are. Trust me.

Let’s do skincare and then makeup, as this is the order in which they are applied. My first nominee for best multiproduct ever™ is the CeraVe Healing Ointment. If you’re aware of this product, you may be forgiven for thinking it’s one of a bunch of similar items. Indeed, it does have that signature “petroleum jelly” feel of Vaseline and Aquaphor. 

But I’m here to tell you that CeraVe is better. Not only does it do all the tasks of a traditional shiny gel (think moisturizer, lip balm, eye glow, highlighter, brow tamer, hand and foot mask) but alongside the occlusive, barrier-cream function it also has genuinely beneficial skincare ingredients including ceramides and hyaluronic acid. So not only does it protect skin and leave a natural, sheeny glow, but it actually promotes skin healing and health.

A similar product is the Indeed Labs 10 Balm. This is a thick-ish, creamy lotion (not a balm, and I don’t know why they named it as such) which can basically be applied anywhere your skin is dried out and irritated. If you’re super sensitive, you could use it as your facial moisturizer, but I favor it as an overnight treatment for healing blemishes. It’s also a fantastic eye cream and lip treatment.

If you’re a fan of “self-care,” you’re likely no stranger to an eye patch. Not the kind pirates use—these are teardrop-shaped sheets of solid serum which you apply on your bags to help soothe, smooth, brighten, and hydrate. My favorites are the various Petitfee Hydrogel Patches. But do you know what else I do with them? (Nothing that weird, don’t worry.) I put the patches on my wrinkles, too. I don’t even care if this makes me sound old—placing one of these over a line on my forehead or by my mouth helps smooth it out, albeit temporarily. It’s a perfect quick-fix before an event.

My love of masks has been well documented, and there are two masks which, to me, are irreplaceable. The first is the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask, which is one of the best spot treatments for what I’ll term specific areas of breakout. What I mean is this: a small area of your face on which every single pore appears to be clogged and painful. Apply the Antipodes overnight and wake up to noticeabley calmer, smoother skin.

My other mask-which-is-also-a-spot-treatment rec is the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. This works better on areas where you have just one zit, but it’s a humdinger. It really helps to draw out whatever gunk is trapped inside and speed up the blemish cycle. It is basically black, though, so it’s perhaps best to save for nights when you’re alone.

I have two product recommendations which straddle the skincare and makeup barrier. The first is the Olio E Osso Tinted Balms. These little guys are just all-around winners. They can be used on the lips and the face, and to me are the best natural ways to add a hint of color. They give a dewy finish and a sheer hint of pigment which just make you look super healthy and naturally hot. On the lips, they’re less visible but extremely effective hydrators which plump lines and add a natural glow.

My other recommendation for skincare-makeup is the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. I’ve had much trouble with BB creams in the past—most often that they don’t offer anything in terms of visible skin improvement. But this one from Missha actually has a lot of coverage, yet it still looks perfectly natural when smushed on with the fingertips. The reason I’m including it here is not only as an excuse to tell you guys about it, but because it contains SPF 42. It’s a random number, but a high one, meaning it’s an excellent choice for a quick day-base. Knowing you’re making your skin look better both now and in the future is pretty cool, if you ask me.

Two final recommendations, and luckily for my excellent writing style, they both fit into the category of “cream pigments in tubs.” They are the MAC Cream Color Bases, and the Maybelline Color Tattoos. The MAC options tend to be glowy and sheeny, whilst my Maybelline picks are more matte. But both can be used on eyes, lips, cheeks, and brows to build up a natural-looking color which really lasts. With a couple of these, you can take care of filling in eyebrows, priming and adding dimension to lids, contouring cheeks, highlighting, adding a glowy blush, and even staining and glossing lips. Not bad for a girl with no talent.