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Photo The art of kissing

Aug. 16, 2018
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The act of kissing truly does come with a lot of pressure. We all can pinpoint the time when it was all we could think about and we were practicing on the wall of the shower. But then it happens, and a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders, and you realize how playful it is. You want to do it again and again! I interviewed a bunch of friends about their first kiss story and even what they used to practice kissing on. This photo series shows their answers with all the fun that goes with it.

“I practiced kissing on fruit, but my friends and I would sometimes try to balance something in between us! It was funny, because it was kind of a game but we also took it very seriously.” 

“I practiced kissing on a MIRROR. Lol at kissing my own self.”

“I first practiced kissing on the shower wall because I liked the slipperiness. But then I eventually practiced kissing on any fruit I could get my hands on.” 

“I practiced on my teddy bear!!!” 

“I would just kiss people at school, so I guess I skipped the practicing part?” 

“I always wanted to be able to tie cherry stems in my mouth but never could, so I ended up just kissing the cherries instead.”


“We played seven minutes in heaven at boy-girl parties. It was good because it got steamy, but it was always a joke the whole time.”